Friday, August 3, 2012

Billy...I mean BeeWee!

Disclaimer: Due to HIPAA laws, all blog posts related to our Foster Care experiences will have limited information when referring to the children and their cases. Their names will remain private and I will use generalizations when writing. I will not be posting any photos of the children that are in our care. My blog will remain public so people can stumble-upon it and so you can share with your family and friends. My FB page (close friends & family only) has the proper privacy settings in place per our licensing coordinator and I will be posting photos on there. It's basically Fort Knox! :)

Disclaimer: I may or may not care if offend anyone with my next statement. I officially HATE the name Billy. Yeah, hates a strong word..blah, blah, blah! But seriously, it makes me cringe and let me tell you why. As I stated in my last post, right off the bat it was clear that our newest foster child has a speech problem. As soon as he walked through the door, He was instantly taken to our dog. We introduced her as Mollie and gave him some toys to let her fetch. It was the most exercise our dog has seen in her 3 years of existence.

It wasn't till later that we realized he was calling her Billy. You're probably thinking, "Aww that's cute!" Well it was, the first 450 times! Its not just that he calls her a different name, its the way he pronounces it - Beewee! Before you say, "Maybe he doesn't know how to pronounce the letter M?", you're mistaken, because that was my initial thought. Here is a list of some "M" words he does know...
 - Mama
 - Move
 - Moo
 - More
 - Make
 - Milk

I'm not sure why something so silly drives me crazy. Maybe it's because I now call my dog one of the following name on a daily basis: Mollie, Billy, Bollie, BeeWee or Millie! If it isn't bad enough that she's been a bit neglected since we got kids, she is now struggling with an identity crisis and I can't even get her name right. Oh the joys of motherhood!